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Who are you?

I’m Tom Edwards, the UK import operations manager, and I am based in the Felixstowe office.

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Tell us about your memorable customs clearances in Ireland

All Together Now: supporting Waterford’s music festival

We’ve completed thousands of customs clearances in Ireland, but it was nice to support those involved with the All Together Now festival – which is on the doorstep of Customs Support Waterford.

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What is an origin statement?

Origin statements are clauses on paperwork which confirm to importers and authorities where the goods have originated from. Typically, you can find origin statements on the commercial invoice for an individual shipment, but you can also find it on trade certificates which can apply to more than one consignment.

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Why was the Northern Ireland Protocol created?

The NI Protocol created a sea border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. This keeps Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland within the same customs territory.

The reason for this is to prevent a land border being created between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, due to the historical conflict between the two countries.


Who are you?

Hi! I’m Emmett Young, the business development director for Customs Support in the UK.

What does a business development director do at Customs Support?

I am responsible for the overall commercial side of the business, the customer service team, and our UK marketing efforts.

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What is SCDP?

Simplified Customs Declaration Processes (SCDP) is a method for import clearance used by volume traders that allows goods to proceed through the border with minimal information declared.

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Who will be striking?

The strike has been arranged by the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union over pay increases due to the cost-of-living crisis. Following months of smaller strikes for different sectors, their members will now strike together in one of the largest civil strike in recent years.

Some of the government departments involved in the strike are:

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Plus we are supported by 1500+ customs experts from across Europe. Meaning that we can provide you with full-service solutions and Empower your Global Trade. So, what exactly do we do?

CFSP Bureau

Customs Freight Simplified Procedure is a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective import process that Customs Support Felixstowe are authorised to operate on behalf of, or directly for regular traders in the UK. 

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Check out this infographic provided by our UK partner, UK Customs Solutions - now Customs support UK.

Incoterms Infographic - download PDF for full text.

Click here to download a pdf version of this document.


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    Connecting both ends of the process

    Have you ever struggled with getting documents for customs clearance in time, or had to relay queries between the supplier/buyer/agent so that clearance can be completed?

    Using end-to-end customs clearance agents removes that inefficiency for you. Once the documents are received from the supplier, they will be checked by the export agent to ensure they meet all requirements. If there are no queries, clearance will be completed and all documents will be sent to the import clearance agent.

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