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BREXIT: UK Government Preparation Document Leaked. Are You Prepared?

This weekend a UK Government report called Yellowhammer was leaked to The Sunday Times. The report described what the government thinks will happen in case of a No Deal Brexit. They are expecting significant disruption and shortages. The Guardian posted a good and concise overview of the main points in the report: Transport disruption •
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BREXIT: The Importance of the Irish Backstop Explained

When the United Kingdom leaves the EU there is a potential issue with the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland will be part of the UK and Ireland will be part of the EU. The issue is the land border between the two. Currently, both people and goods can move freely from Ireland
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INCOTERMS: What Are They?

Whether you are importing or exporting goods, and whether you are a buyer or a seller, the chances are high that you will encounter INCOTERMS. What are INCOTERMS? INCOTERMS stands for International Commercial Terms. The terms are published by The International Chamber of Commerce. They regulate commercial transactions between parties in terms of costs, responsibilities,
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Brexit preparation meeting

As your Customs Support partner we invest time and effort to ensure all employees are fully up-to-date with current news and developments. Recently we held another internal Brexit preparation meeting at our Head Office near the Port of Rotterdam. Various departments sharing knowledge and discussing potential solutions for Brexit issues. How are you preparing for
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International Beer Day and Excise

Just in Time for the Weekend: International Beer Day is Today! Today is International Beer Day. International Beer Day was created to celebrate the deliciousness that is beer, to celebrate the men and women who brew and serve beer, and to bring the world together in celebrating beer from all countries and cultures. At Customs
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Trade Deals Across the World: An Update

Earlier this year we already wrote on the various trade agreements that have been agreed on, or are in the works. The trade deals between the EU and Vietnam and Japan, for example. Or what about Mercosur or the ACFTA? With Johnson now moving into Downing Street nr 10 and Trump still tweeting strong, I
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U.S., Japan eye possible small trade deal by September

The United States and Japan are working on a trade deal involving agriculture and autos that could be agreed by President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when they meet in New York in September, three industry sources familiar with the discussions said on Tuesday. Read the article on Reuters.
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Post-Brexit trade pact with US may take some time

The international trade secretary, Liam Fox, has said a post-Brexit trade arrangement with the US may take longer to agree than some people hope. Fox said potential complications could include different rules across American states and the start of the presidential electoral cycle. He also stressed that no deal could be agreed before the UK
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Trump’s ‘America First’ policy driving other countries to ink trade deals

President Trump’s election has sparked a rush of major trade deals around the world. The only catch: The U.S. isn’t a party to any of them, as seen in this article from the Washington Times. The EU is cutting deals with Vietnam and major South American countries. Japan and other nations are moving ahead with
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Nigel Farage Sees Trade Upside as Anti-Trump Ambassador Darroch Resigns

Darroch quit Wednesday, following an extraordinary diplomatic storm around leaked comments in which he derided President Donald Trump’s administration as “uniquely dysfunctional” and “chaotic.” The leak prompted a furious retaliation from Trump, who insulted Darroch on Twitter and said he refused to work with the ambassador. The right decision,” tweeted Nigel Farage, the leader of
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Boris Johnson wins race to be Tory leader and PM

The word is out, Boris Johnson wins the race and will be the new PM of the UK. Boris Johnson has been elected new Conservative leader in a ballot of party members and will become the next UK prime minister. He beat Jeremy Hunt comfortably, winning 92,153 votes to his rival’s 46,656. The former London
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The U.S. Threatened France With China-Style Tariffs Over Its Digital Tax Plans

The U.S. is so upset about France’s proposed tax on digital giants that it’s threatened to use the same tariff law against the European country that it’s deployed against China. But on Thursday French lawmakers approved the measure anyway. The French plan is for a 3% tax on revenues earned in France in the areas
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