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To maintain control your processes must run smoothly whilst adapting to the changing customs landscape. Quick Scans and self-assessments ensure you know your risks and opportunities and provide:

Extensive customs knowledge combined with over 20 years of practical experience
Objective and independent customs advice
Comprehensive customs assessment of your needs, challenges and opportunities

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Rene Rothheudt
Senior Customs Consultant
Data Quality

We help you assess how you manage your customs data like commodity codes, origin documentation, customs values and we help you determine what the risks in your data quality are. 

Customs Routine

We analyse whether the goods flows are documented clearly, how these are documented and how up to date you are with your customs routines. 

Customs Competence

We assess what the level of internal customs competence is and whether you are fulfilling the requirements on customs competence internally. 

Customs Authorisations

We determine what customs authorisations you currently have and which authorisations can benefit you in the future. 

Customs Software

We review if your customs software covers your current and upcoming needs and discuss options for digitalisation. 

Customs Scans and Assessment | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a Customs Quick Scan work?

Our specialists will work with your team and organization for a number of days in order to get a good idea of what is going on internally. We combine conversations with your employees with a study of existing processes and data analyses in order to give you a first indication of potential risks, opportunities and areas for improvement.

What are the benefits of a Customs Quick Scan?

The benefits of a Quick Scan include;

  • A professional snapshot of your current customs situation
  • Timely risk prevention and control
  • Customs data prepared for effective duty management guaranteeing compliant day-to-day business
  • Advanced planning and digitalisation

What is the result of a customs Quick Scan?

We review several aspects of your customs and provide you with a report on the potential risks and opportunities for improvement.

How long does a customs Quick Scan take?

A customs quick scan usually takes three to five days depending on the size of your organisation and scope.

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