We Proudly Present: Customs Support

Two staff members discussing rebranding over a laptop displaying our webiste

We are proud to announce our rebranding of all group companies to Customs Support.

*June 2020*

In the past couple of years our company has grown considerably, on the one hand through acquisitions, on the other hand, we are growing through our portfolio of services. Over 400 employees now work to handle your customs affairs, in 40 offices in 5 countries. We believe in continuous investments in European coverage.

The acquisitions also brought other companies within the Customs Support group. These companies and our colleagues all have their own important share in the service and services to you. We are digital and fast, accurate and offer compliant customs services!

We are proud to announce that all group companies:

  • Agencja Celna Kunow
  • Antwerp Customs Services (ACS)
  • Arbo Grensservice
  • Comex - F.V. de Groof's in-en uitklaringsbedrijf
  • Customs Clearance Moerdijk
  • Debovat
  • DGA Deutsche Grenzspediteure, Autobahn - Elten
  • Duty Management Services
  • European Customs Agency (ECA)
  • European Customs Support (ECS)
  • FFR Speditionsgesellschaft
  • IZA West
  • IZA Zollservice
  • Kunow
  • Ost-West Transporte Jörg Kunow
  • Pompa
  • Phimex Douane Expediteurs
  • Speditions-Kontor Gotthold Kunow
  • Theo Machtelynck et Fils
  • Transitlog Speditionsgesellschaft
  • VandeVyver
  • Verhoex Douane Service

are now working under the name: Customs Support!

Under the hashtag #WeAreCustomsSupport we launch today: Customs Support.
All companies make one Customs Support: Empowering Global Trade

We are here for you. Whether it concerns customs documents, training for declarants, gas measurements on the arrival of containers or other activities to ensure that the logistics process for your goods run as optimally as possible. We are Customs Support.

We look forward to working with you 

Customs Support

Frank Weermeijer

Note: See also our list of entities on our Downloads page. In this list, you can find our up-to-date Customs Support entities.