Dutch Customs Paying Closer Attention to Low-Value Consumer Goods


The Dutch Customs Authority has recently announced that it will be paying closer attention to the customs value of textiles, handbags and shoes which are imported into the EU via the Netherlands. They will also be paying closer attention to goods purchased online, via e-commerce platforms and websites. Low-value goods are specifically targeted, which suggests a focus on shipments of goods bought from platforms like Ali-Express and Wish.  

Clothing, Shoes and Handbags  

Both consumers and businesses importing clothing and shoes from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Thailand, should make sure both the customs value and the HS-Codes are correct. The same applies for handbags from China.  


Both consumers and businesses buying goods online and having them shipped to the Netherlands should know that the Customs Authority will implement more checks to make sure the customs value of these goods are declared correctly. There will also be special attention for shipments of low value with an exemption code.  

The Correct Use of Exemption Codes  

Exemption codes can be used when goods are of low value. This value is the actual value, freight and insurance cost not included. If this value is set too low, not enough VAT and import duties are paid.    

When a shipment has a value less than 22 euros and it is shipped directly to someone in the European Union, exemption code C107 can be used.  

When a shipment has a value between 22 and 150 euros and is shipped directly to someone in the European Union exemption code C07 can be used.  

For shipments from one private person to another, which have a value of fewer than 45 euros and are not commercial, exemption code C08 can be used.  


There is an anti-dumping duty that has to be paid when importing e-bikes from China. There will be additional checks on shipments of e-bikes to make sure both the value and the country of origin are correctly mentioned in the paperwork.  

There’s More  

There is special attention on customs value and origin, but the Customs Authority checks more than just that. Make sure your declarations are complete and correct to prevent delays and fines.   

The checks are both physical and administrative. Companies that want to carry away goods before the checks have fully been finalized will need to deposit additional security.   

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