Customs Support Group celebrates 12.5 years on the market


It is the 1st of July, which means that the Customs Support Group officially exists for 12,5 years today. Since February 1st in 2007, we have grown into an international group of companies supporting importers and exporters from all over the world, currently with over 300 employees.

One Million?

Since the start of the company, we have processed over one million customs documents. Yes. One million! We have helped hundreds of customers with importing and exporting their goods and products and we will continue to do so!

Still Growing

Customs Support Group keeps growing. The fact that we are independent, AEO Certified, and have a great team of passionate people enables us to keep growing. Check out our vacancies if you want to join the team!

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We thank our customers for their trust in Customs Support Group and our employees for their great work!