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The world of customs is complex and in motion 24/7. Your goods flows over land, sea and by air are under continuous attention of customs authorities. Customs laws and regulations change over time resulting in a dynamic customs formalities landscape. It is not surprising that you sometimes lose the overview because of this. Our customs advice Helpdesk is there to help you offering:

Expert customs advice on a broad spectrum of customs matters
Available whenever and wherever you need customs help
Guaranteed support levels via monthly subscription

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Rene Rothheudt
Senior Customs Consultant
Customs Helpdesk and Subscription 

Our customs Helpdesk is there to support on ad hoc requests, or if you prefer ongoing support we can set up a subscription model. Our customs Helpdesk is there to support ad hoc requests, or if you prefer ongoing support we can set up a subscription model. The following aspects define our Helpdesk offering:


Our Helpdesk provides readily available consulting services on customs issues that do not require significant time or effort.


If you have questions about HS codes, BTI, import and export flows, Brexit or possible permit procedures, our specialists are ready to help you.


Hourly consultations can be done by telephone, MS Teams as well as by email. Customs consultants answer your questions directly in the booked session.


Are you curious about what our customs advice team can do for your organisation specifically?

Customs Advice | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a customs helpdesk?

The customs Helpdesk is an ongoing consulting advisory on customs issues on an ad hoc basis. Our customs consultants answer your questions via phone, MS Teams, or email anytime you need urgent customs advice and support. Questions can be about import, export, classification, customs procedures, and permits.

What is a customs subscription?

Our subscription model ensures unlimited support on customs matters within a defined period of time (three or six months) and within a defined maximum of hours per month. With this service you will stay up to date on customs updates and know the impact on your business.

What are the benefits of having a customs subscription?

Your tangible benefits are fast and accurate customs advice, access to customs knowledge and expertise for your organisation and flexibility at an attractive cost.