Brexit Consultancy Services

Our Brexit consultants guide your company through and beyond the complexities of post-Brexit. This includes advice on the opportunities and challenges of Brexit and monitoring the potential impact on your business. With our experienced customs consulting team, we offer:

Specialist Post-Brexit support in both UK and mainland Europe
Objective and independent advice
Comprehensive analysis of your needs, post-Brexit challenges and opportunities

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Rene Rothheudt
Senior Customs Consultant

Brexit customs | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can Customs Support help your company in doing business with the United Kingdom?

Our consultants can perform a post-Brexit scan to analyse your customs processes, what the new border controls mean for your organisation and which customs documents, certificates and permits are necessary to move your goods to and from the United Kingdom.

What are the advantages of our post-Brexit advisory services?

Customs Support has been preparing for Brexit several years ahead of the actual EU exit of the UK. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the new situation for exporting to/importing from the United Kingdom. We support you and guide your company in order to prepare for a fluent logistical process. This includes advisory on key customs aspects to better understand the opportunities, complexities, and challenges of Brexit and monitoring impact on your business.

What is the outcome?

As customs consultants we offer an outside view on your company and processes and the market you operate in. In our Brexit scan we spot opportunities for improvement and/or adjustment and also provide an independent view on your risks. Our customs consultants know the market and have an eye for detail. Because of this, we are able to paint you a clear picture of customs matters in your company to help you make the most of upcoming opportunities and threats. Our Brexit scan will moreover deliver you a clear overview with recommendations for improvement and potential impact.