As the leading customs expert in Europe, we can offer you individual customs solutions tailored to the specific demands of automotive companies. Our customs specialists can advise you on the following topics:

Preparation of customs documentation, permits and certificates
Support in complying with regulations and requirements within automotive industry
Monitoring and control of customs formalities during the transportation process

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Customs Challenges | Automotive

The automotive sector represents a major industry in Europe that is continuously evolving and facing a variety of customs challenges. Automotive manufacturers source many of their raw materials and components from abroad. However, the import of these materials is subject to customs and trade restrictions, which can vary greatly.

For example, the U.S. has imposed additional tariffs on imports of raw materials such as steel and aluminum, certain automotive parts and products from China, Japan and the EU. This impacts the entire automotive supply chain and results in higher costs for carmakers and suppliers who are reliant on these raw materials and parts.

In order to encourage the electrification of the automotive industry, some countries grant tax concessions and breaks for the transport of electric vehicles and their components.

Since Brexit, customs regulations on trade between the UK and EU have also been significantly tightened. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are now required to use customs declarations and provide additional documents in order to export or import their goods.

Customs Solutions | Automotive

Customs Support offers expert customs advise and services to improve customs processes in the transport and logistics industry, enabling them to overcome customs processing challenges

Our customs experts can advise you on: 

  • Planning and implementing your customs clearance
  • Handling customs formalities and monitoring compliance with import and export regulations
  • Classification of goods and determination of customs rates and taxes
  • Verification of the accuracy and completeness of customs documents and invoices
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs through a fast and effective customs¬†process in logistics
  • And more...
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Full service digital

Full-Service Customs Expertise

We have it covered end-to-end: everything from processing declarations, consultancy to supply chain optimisation.

Digital Cloud

Digital Customs Solutions

Our cutting-edge IT solutions enable you to monitor all processes 24/7, while we adapt to digital trends to ensure your security standards

Local Knowledge Global Presence

Global knowledge, local presence

We link your local customs needs to our global network of professionals across 100+ strategic locations in Europe.


Experienced Specialists

Our 1700+ experts with over 20+ years of industry experience ensure the highest compliance standards.

Frequently Asked Questions | Automotive

What exactly is included in customs consulting for the automotive industry?

A customs consultation for the automotive industry includes a comprehensive analysis of your customs handling, including an assessment of the regulations and requirements of the countries you are dealing with. In addition, we are able to identify potential risks and problems and develop solutions for a more efficient and cost-effective customs clearance.

How can digital technologies improve customs clearance in the automotive industry?

The use of modern technologies, such as automated customs processes and real-time monitoring of customs matters can significantly improve customs processing in the automotive industry. This helps us handle your customs matters faster and more efficiently, and reduce costs and risks.

What are the advantages of using an international customs service with offices across the EU?

Using a customs service with offices across the EU means that automotive clients can benefit from the expertise and experience of customs experts in different countries, allowing them to understand the requirements and regulations of each country, and helping them to optimise their customs operations

How important is expert knowledge of the automotive industry for customs consulting services?

Expertise in the automotive industry is critical when it comes to customs consulting services, as only a customs expert with tailored industry knowledge can understand the requirements and challenges faced by automotive companies and provide customised advise and support to meet your businesses unique requirements.

How can you benefit from an automotive customs consulting service?

A customs consulting services tailored to the automotive industry can help you streamline your customs processes, minimise risks, and increase your competitiveness. By analysing and optimising customs processes, we can help you can save time and money.

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